Eutropia Ltd.

Changing for the better.

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Eutropia Ltd was founded in March 2011 by David Welbourn who was a Visiting Professor in Health System Leadership at Cass Business School. 

David is now a board-level consultant, drawing on experience in the public sector as well as in blue chip and small enterprise sectors.  He has an eclectic background in science and engineering research, corporate finance and strategy, delivery of major change programmes and management of operations and customer service.

David specialises in leadership and governance, with special emphasis on how these need to be adapted to be effective when working beyond the boundaries of single organisations.  In his work, he combines academic research in the field with practical insight gained from his broad experience.  He has gained deepest understanding of the challenges facing leaders through his studies of VUCA – volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity.  VUCA is a natural consequence of modern life, and the growing complexity and interconnectedness of our world.  VUCA gives rise to Increased turbulence, repeated occurrence of “perfect storm” conditions and frequent encounter with paradox. 

David now spends his time helping senior leaders to develop the skills and confidence to bring fresh clarity, curiosity and courage to the increasingly chaotic context in which they are operating.  Through his writings, research and executive development workshops he consistently encourages leaders to recognise that such turbulence and paradox are here to stay.  By preparing leaders to confront, rather than shy away from the fears that these create, he believes that they can find a renewed sense of optimism and energy.  This will enable them to communicate with purpose and be a source of inspiration across all groups who have a vested interest, reinforcing the importance of meaningful engagement as a means of building more resilient solutions and greater system agility. 

David works as an Associate of Optimity Matrix, advising on governance and leadership issues in healthcare, working especially with those local systems seeking to accelerate progress towards better integration and stronger focus on outcomes for both individuals and populations.  He is also an Associate of the Good Governance Institute.

As part of his portfolio, David is also Chief Executive of the British Society for Hearing Aid Audiologists, one of the regulated healthcare professions.

He studied Natural Sciences at Trinity College Cambridge, majoring in theoretical physics, and obtained his PhD in Engineering from Edinburgh University.  He is a Chartered Engineer and Chartered Physicist, and has served on working groups of the Chartered Management Institute, the Institute of Risk Management and the British Standards Institute.