There is good change.  There is bad change.  There is pointless change.  But everywhere, there is change.

Eutropia has been created to support a better approach to change.  An approach founded on clear purpose.  One whose outcome is not left to chance, but has been considered, discussed, even modelled.  Eutropia, translates roughly from the Greek as "better change".  So that's it!

Change is disruptive, and when we pretend that this is not so, we don't adequately prepare.  So let's face it, if we genuinely want to change things, then let's expect some chaos and disruption.  Entropy is the science of chaos.  Eutropia celebrates good chaos.

Those who promise change without disruption are offering an illusion.  Let Eutropia help plan your changes with a realistic approach to chaos and disruption and harness these forces to gain the outcomes you need.  

Eutropia Ltd.

Changing for the better.

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